Saba Qamar made fun of politicians at a young age and in ignorance

Actress Saba Qamar, who has been hosting the popular political comedy reality show ‘Hum Sab Omeed Se Hain’ for several months, has admitted that she made fun of politicians in the show at a young age and inexperienced. Did not know

We are all hopeful

“We Are All Hopeful” was a comedy show that aired on Geo TV in the past for many years.

Prior to Saba Qamar, several actresses had hosted the show and Saba Qamar had hosted at least 200 episodes of the show.

In “We are all hopeful”, the style of politicians was imitated by making dummy characters.

In the said show, Saba Qamar used to like to imitate various politicians but now the actress and the host have admitted that they did it at a young age and in ignorance.

Saba Qamar recently gave an interview to ‘Sim Thing Hot’

Saba Qamar recently gave an interview to 'Sim Thing Hot'

in which she also admitted that her understanding of acting came after working in the first Bollywood film ‘Hindi Medium’.

According to the actress, before working in Hindi Medium, she was something else and after working in it, she has become something else.

He said that after working with Irfan Khan in a Bollywood film, he came to understand other things including understanding of acting and she became more mature.

She also talked about her experience of working with Irfan Khan and said that she was amazed that Irfan Khan worked without any preparation at the time of shooting.

In response to a question, Saba Qamar said that she enjoyed working with Noman Ijaz the most among male co-stars.

He praised Noman Ijaz and said that in fact, he is still mentally like a child, when he speaks he does not care what he is saying and people will understand what he is saying or not?

Saba Qamar said

Saba Qamar said

Saba Qamar said that Noman Ijaz says a lot of things in his show which he should not have said and then later explains that he did not mean what people understood.

In response to another question, the actress said that now if she is offered to host ‘Hum Sab Omeed Se Hai’, she will not be able to fulfill it, because now she has understood and she is also politically aware. Have matured.

According to her, at a time when she was all hopeful, she was ignorant and young, so she did it in ignorance.

She admitted that the politicians she used to make fun of in the show at that time if they came in front of her, she would hide from them but now she will not do such a show and will not make fun of anyone like in the past. Will

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