Securely Send and Share Large Video Files

How to Freely and Securely Send and Share Large Video Files

How to Freely and Securely Send and Share Large Video Files

The size of videos is increasing as we film in HD, 4K, and greater resolutions. While the sharp picture quality is pleasing, there is one very unpleasant issue: the video files are too enormous to be shared with friends or family. For instance, the majority of emails have a 25MB limit attachment size. The size of videos that may be posted on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, instagram and facebook, Whatsapp, etc. is strictly regulated. What is the safest and most cost-effective method to transfer or exchange big HD & 4K video files? All the techniques for sharing huge video data files with others are covered in this article.

The best methods for sharing large videos?

Use a cloud storage service, first

Compress videos in a second way

3: Use AirDrop

4. Utilize a file-transfer website

method 5.just use an external hard drive,

Utilize a cloud storage service.

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A safe technique to transfer large-size films to someone for no cost has been made available through cloud-based sharing platforms. You may safely share the larger videos by just uploading them to your account, making a shared link for the movie, and pasting the link into a real message or an email. You have the option to choose a free tier from services like Box (10GB), dropbox account (2GB), Google Drive (15GB), iCloud (5GB), & OneDrive (5GB). However, take heed of this:

  • Different cloud providers do not support every sort of video. Google Drive, for instance, won’t transfer huge films in the MKV, HEVC, AVCHD, etcetera. formats.
  • It may not actually support resolutions just like 4K and higher if you wish to play the videos straight from the services.

The procedures for sharing large video files for free through cloud services are comparable. The steps below will demonstrate how to share huge films with others after uploading them to Google Drive:

  1. After logging in, choose My Drive. To save the uploaded video, choose whether to upload files, folders, or a new folder.
  2. After the load is complete, choose the video from all your other Google Drive that you wish to transmit.
  3. Raise your mouse to the right of the video and choose “Get shareable Link.” After that, you may send an email or text message to your friends to share it.

Since 4K movies need more storage space than HD or SD films, upgrading your cloud services is necessary if you want to upload huge 4K videos.

Compress videos in a second way

You may reduce huge films to a lesser size for faster and easier sharing if they are too big to upload through cloud storage services. Use zip software, such as 7-Zip, to combine many huge movies into a single file. After being decompressed, zip files retain 100% of their original video content. You may use a compressor tool to re-encode a particular huge video to a way better codec if you need to lower again the file size of the movie.

Large video files may be shared and sent easily with the aid of WinX HD Video converter box Deluxe. It will convert youtube videos to cutting-edge codecs for reduced file sizes without sacrificing quality, such as HEVC, H.264, FLV, etcetera. Unwanted sections may be removed, video settings can be changed, lengthy videos can be trimmed down, etc. Videos that are huge in HD, 4K, or 8K may be decompressed by 40% to 90% without sacrificing quality. Then, large films may be shared via many channels, including YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram, and SMS.

  1. Download and launch the finest free video compressing programme. Import the 4K/8K huge videos by selecting “+Video” from the menu.
  2. For lesser file sizes, convert 4K movies to the HEVC or H.264 codec.
  3.  If required, click the “Settings” button to change the final resolution, bit rate, frame rate, etcetera.
  4. Use the “Edit” button to trim out ads, the beginning or conclusion of extended films, crop out black bars, etc. Click Run when you’re done, then wait.

Way #3: Use AirDrop

AirDrop is the greatest method for transferring big video files from an iPhone to other Apple devices. This iOS software can stream huge films safely and securely to a nearby public mac computer, iPhone, ipad mini, or iPod Touch via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The nice aspect is that movies sent over AirDrop may be of any size. You must transfer films to an Apple device that is also nearby, have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth switched on to receive AirDrop files, then send them using this technique. once everything is prepared:


Select the huge video you wish to share by opening the “Photos” folder on your iPhone.

The “AirDrop” button may be chosen by tapping the “Share” symbol.

Tap the individual you wish to send the file to. An notice containing a preview will be sent to the recipient of the file.

4. Utilize a file-transfer website

Numerous file transfer websites can assist you in safely sharing huge films with others if you don’t want to unsubscribe to more powerful platforms just like Dropbox or Google Drive. The file transfer websites work similarly both to cloud services in that you may upload huge HD/4K movies, create an email to the recipient, and attach the files. An email containing a download or streaming link for the video will be sent to the recipient. Try the following to transmit huge movies for free:

  • You may share and upload films up to 20 GB for free with MyAirBridge.
  • You may upload and share movies up to 5GB for free with Filmail.
  • You may upload and share movies up to 2GB for free with WeTransfer.
  • Videos up to 10GB in size may be sent for free with Send Anywhere.

method 5.just use an external hard drive,

Hard drives are the fastest and most secure means to transport or exchange huge video files. Without having to wait for the drawn-out procedure of uploading the video to the internet, you may quickly share any films amongst members with a suitable USB or hard drive. External hard drives come in a variety of sizes and have extremely fast data transmission rates. internal or external HDDs & SSDs are the solution for distributing huge 4K/8K videos. They are affordable, roomy, and becoming faster all the time. Get one so you may freely send your pals any large video files. Keep in mind that certain USB drives are formatted in FAT32; if the video file is greater than 4GB, you must compress it.

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