Sony Play Station 3 (120GB) Game Console

Sony PlayStation 3 (120GB) Game Console

Sony’s recalled Sony Play Station 3 (120GB) dropped a couple of dress sizes and $100 off the price of its predecessor, the original PlayStation. For $300, you can now be a first class. , 1080p HDMI output, integrated Bluetooth and 802.11 Green, an upgradeable 120GB hard drive, Gigabit Ethernet, 7.1 channel Dolby Digital audio support, and with Sony’s dependably powerful custom multiprocessing CPUs, BD-Live capable Blu-ray. Ray Player (review our home theater).. Oh, and it also plays Play Station 3 games.

The most significant internal change is the switch from an 80GB hard drive to a 120GB unit. On its exterior, the PS3 (120GB) replaces the glossy black finish of the original version with a perfect black matte finish, and it simplifies the angle of its predecessor design. Fingerprints still show if your hands are oily, but less than before. My weight lifting, wrangling, and squeezing led me to the conclusion that it was as solid as the original.

PS3 (120GB) – PlayStation 3 Slim – weighs 7 pounds and measures 11.4 by 11.4 by 2.6 inches. These specs show that the new model is about 33 percent smaller and actually 36 percent lighter. But because it’s a hair deeper, it continues to take up as much space as a standard rack-style DVD or Blu-ray player.

Although the Slim retains most of the features from the original system, Sony has changed a few things. Instead of the original model’s four USB ports, the Slim stays for two double ports when trying to play Guitar Hero or a rock band with two wired peripherals (microphone, guitar, drums) or when you want to play two. External hard drive (or three) while charging the controllers. A powerful USB hub solves the problem, but at an additional cost and at the expense of a power outlet.

In this box, Sony supplies the same stuff that came with the original PS3: a composite A/V input and a DualShock 3 mini USB to wireless controller with a standard USB charging cable. The system’s power cable replaces the three-prong connector with a two-prong plug similar to the connection on the back of a PlayStation. Fortunately, the PS3 (120GB), like the first PS3, is not bundled with an HDMI cable. You can pay Sony’s outrageous “official” HDMI cable price (around $40), or you can hunt down an online reseller and find one or more cables for $10 or less. can.

If you plan to use a Sony Bravia-brand TV and HDMI, Sony has introduced a new compatibility feature that lets you connect the PS3 (120GB)’s XMB (Cross Media Bar) interface to your TV remote. allows to control. I tested this option on the Sony Bravia KDL-20B4050, which is supposed to support it, but I couldn’t get it to work. The TV indicated that it recognized the console in the HDMI setup (you enable the feature on your TV and PlayStation), but it stopped accepting attempts to move the cursor around the XMB interface. refused. On the other hand, the PS3 (120GB) turned off the power automatically, according to the standby feature of the BRUSSIA’s synchronization system. You can control movies with a wireless gamepad, but to access dedicated buttons for multimedia features, you’ll want Sony’s $25 remote. (If you own a Sync universal remote, a $45 adapter is available from Logitech.)

The PS3 (120GB) maintains the original PS3’s backward compatibility with PlayStation 1 games, but like the original PS3 it won’t handle PlayStation 2 games. (of which there are many) – is a feature that Sony now says is completely off the table. Playstate buffs will troop to retire their PS2 games, occupying their A/V cabinets and input space on the back of their TVs.

Also absent is an option to install an alternate operating system.. Most gamers and home theater buffs were probably unaware that the original PS3 could accommodate such an OS.

Like the original, the PS3 (120GB) can stand horizontally or vertically, though you’ll want a vertical stand ($24) if you plan to go with a vertical orientation. The scale of the new model’s sphere is complicated and the main body of Athang has made it easier to make than the PlayStation. 2. When placed flat, it seems less roomy than it offers, but then it comfortably fits an LCD TV on an average size A / V stand.

Loading a Blu-ray game or video disc takes about 10 seconds. Otherwise, Blu-ray playback remains unchanged from how it worked on the PlayStation’s previous iterations. 3.

The disk drive itself is silent in action. I threw in Metal Gear Solid 4, did a clean install, and couldn’t hear the sound of the drive down with my head and the bottom thrown against the exterior. The noise that the drive makes when loading and ejecting discs is definitely louder – and not just because everything is so quiet.

On our test unit, the fan was a strictly conscious human, the upper to mid C frequency range. I conducted a follow-up briefing of the Metal Gear Solid 4 – a decidedly processor-heavy and in a quiet room, the Slim was noticeably quieter than my MacBook Air (with the end fan finning at moderate speeds). . The reason: Sony’s large 95mm fan with 17 blades and a brushless DC motor allows the system to move more air through the system at lower fan speeds and with much less noise.

Despite the reduction in processor size from 65nm to 45nm and the resulting reduction in power consumption (average from 110W to 73W), the PS3 (120GB) feels hotter than the original PS3. For this Salmammer model, Sony produced a custom plastic molding from Hatchkin; Thus the entire chassis feels warm to the touch (though never hot). Still, if you’re planning to run a PS3 (120GB) in close quarters with other hot electronic gear, you might want to re-finish your setup.

As for Blu-ray players, the original PS3 was competitive at $400. With a slim profile and low power consumption at $ 499, the PS3 (120GB), when it was launched, was beaten as a result. But newer stand-alone players have picked up that kind of performance and picture quality standards, and today the PS3 comes in at 3.5 stars as a Blu-ray Disc player, making it just a good value for that purpose. Play PlayStation 3 games if you want.

New PlayStation 3 console gets FCC approval

A new PlayStation 3 console was approved by the US FCC last week, according to the agency’s online drawing database.

The new PlayStation 3 console drops for the holidays

Sony is releasing a thinner, smaller and lighter PlayStation 3 console just in time for the holidays. 250GB or 500GB of hard disk drive storage or an increase from the current 160GB and 320GB models.

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