Sri Lankan President Gotabhaya Raja Paksha fled the country on a military plane

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa fled the country on Wednesday after a series of violent protests over the economic crisis in Sri Lanka.
The departure of President Gotabaya Raja Paksha on a military plane has ended the rule of a family that ruled the country for decades. According to the BBC, President Gotabaya has arrived in Male, Maldives. He had been thought to be in hiding since protesters stormed the presidential palace in recent days. Sources told the BBC that his brother, former finance minister Basil Raja Paksha, had also left the country. Has given His attempt to leave the country was foiled 24 hours ago, but it is learned that he is leaving for the United States. Earlier, President Gotabaya Raja Paksha promised to resign on Wednesday. The people of Sri Lanka blame their administration for the country’s worst economic crisis. For the past several months, the country has been facing severe load shedding on a daily basis, as well as difficulties in getting basic necessities such as fuel, food and medicine to the people.

Expected political crisis in Sri Lanka

Expected political crisis in Sri Lanka
President Gotabaya was known as an authoritarian leader who was exempt from any legal action as long as he was president. He is thought to have fled the country before resigning. The reason for this is to avoid any arrest attempt by the new government. After the departure of the President, there is a fear of a political vacuum in Sri Lanka at a time when the country needs a functioning government that is economically viable. He said that other political parties of the country are in talks to form a new coalition government but so far no agreement has been reached between them. It is also not clear whether the people agree with the decision of the political parties. Under the country’s constitution, if the president resigns, he can be replaced by the prime minister. In Sri Lanka, the prime minister is considered the vice president in parliament. But incumbent Prime Minister Vikram Singh has also become a popular figure in the country.
On Saturday, angry protesters set fire to Prime Minister Vikram Singh’s private residence when he and his family were not present. He later announced that he would resign to pave the way for a new coalition government, but did not give a date. The Speaker of Parliament can work. But the current Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abiwardana is also considered a close ally and ally of the Raja Paksha family. And it is unclear whether the transfer of power will be accepted by the people.
Whoever becomes the caretaker president of the country will have to hold elections in the next 30 days to elect a new president from among the members of the current parliament. The winner of the vote could serve the remainder of his term as president by 2024. On Monday, Sri Lanka’s main opposition leader Sajjad Premadasa told the BBC he could run for president. But politicians in Sri Lanka are not being trusted by the people at the moment and they do not have the support of the people. Not a candidate.

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