Study MBBS in Russia Guide with Eligibility Criteria

MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia

 MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia

This year, enroll in an MBBS programme at one of Russia’s leading medical schools. Russians are among the most educated people in developed countries, with the majority holding a university degree. Russian educational institutions have a long history and provide their students with excellent living and learning environments. Here I am presenting MBBS in Russia guide with eligibility criteria you should know before opting for study in Russia.


Russia is a refuge for international students since it accepts students from more than 170 countries each year and provides free education to the select few who merit it. Comparing Russian education to those of other wealthy countries like the US, UK, or Europe, it is still fairly affordable.

Why MBBS Degree from Russia Only?

Russia Is the World’s Largest Nation

We automatically think of geography class when someone mentions Russia. According to what we’d heard, Russia, or the Russian Federation, is a country that extends into both northern Asia and Eastern Europe. It is the largest country in the world, taking up a substantial chunk of the planet’s inhabited surface. Russia’s borders with 16 nations and 11 time zones extend from the Baltic Sea in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east, the Arctic in the north, and the Black Sea in the south. Thus, the most favored nation in Europe is there.

Most of the time, we see this nation as being chilly, snow-covered, and a little mysterious. However, if we learn even a tiny bit about this country, it ends up being fascinating rather than unsettling or mysterious.

MBBS Study in Russia in 2022 Will Benefit Indian Students

The majority of Indian students struggle terribly to enroll in government medical colleges after passing NEET for study MBBS in Russia since there aren’t many openings, there are donations required, and the fee is outrageous. With these factors in mind, Russia is the best country to pursue an MBBS degree without making a contribution or paying significant tuition.

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Why Russia Offers You?

Dreams of going to school or finishing an MBBS are common. Still, for individuals who want to learn everything, there is to know about medicine, Russia is the best country with the best universities.

After deciding on a location, the cost becomes the next pressing matter. Despite the fact that studying abroad is unquestionably a costly Endeavour, Russia is the least expensive place in the world to pursue an MBBS degree when compared to the rest of the world.

  • Because all of the universities in this country are well-known, a student can simply get a loan from any bank if he runs into financial difficulties while studying here.
  • A scholarship exam is also required to be passed in order for a student to be eligible for its benefits.
  • All medical students at Russian universities have access to the best resources, and those who did not pass the TOFEL or IELTS language tests are nevertheless entitled to enroll.
  • One of the countries where possessing these skills makes receiving an MBBS a worldwide career guarantee that pays well.

Russian MBBS Eligibility

More than 15 universities in Russia are accredited by organizations including UNESCO, WHO, and NMC. The MBBS programme in Russia is open to Indian students who completed their education through the CBSE or ICSE boards. In addition to a one-year internship that is permitted and has significantly lower expenditures during this period, Russian medical school lasts five years. Therefore, in order to enroll in one of the top MBBS programmes in Russia, candidates must meet the prerequisites for MBBS in Russia, which are listed below.

  • The applicant’s age as of December 31 of the admission year must fall between 17 and 25.
  • A minimum of 50% in class 12 from a board recognized by the Indian government, with a science major, math, physics, and chemistry.
  • The NEET test should have been open to candidates.


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