Suspect of alleged rape of American tourist in Fort Monroe handed over to police on physical remand



The administration of Dera Ghazi Khan, a semi-tribal area of ​​Pakistan’s Punjab province, registered a case of blackmailing an American tourist by making a video of the alleged rape and the incident and sent the main accused on six-day physical remand. It has been handed over to the police. According to the registered FIR of this incident, this incident took place on the night of July 17 and 18. On the orders of the local magistrate, the medical examination of the Sabaj woman has been done on Wednesday and the report is awaited. In the case filed by the victim, it is said that the main accused raped her in a hotel in Fort Munro, a tourist spot in Dera Ghazi Khan. Raped. In the case filed by the woman, it is also stated that the main accused made a video of her forcibly having sex with one of his accomplices (co-accused) in order to blackmail her for money. .

According to the woman, after this incident, she also received threatening phone calls from the accused. After appearing in the court of local magistrate Shahid Nadeem, the victim said that ‘I am deeply shocked, I may never forget it because A well-known tourist guide, who was promoting a good image of Pakistan tourism on the page for foreign tourists and whom I trusted, cheated me. I am devastated by this shock. My confidence has been hurt. I will not be able to forget this shock for the rest of my life.

Malik Akram, Dera Ghazi Khan’s stunt political agent, told the BBC that the police and administration immediately swung into action as soon as the incident was reported. “The woman had left for Lahore after this incident, but on receiving the information, the woman was brought back under strict security and her statement was recorded.” Has been arrested. The police are investigating all aspects of the incident and no concessions have been made to any of the accused involved.

On the other hand, the main accused in the custody of Dera Ghazi Khan police has taken a stand before the police that the woman was living in his house in Rajanpur for five days. They were living in the same hotel room for two nights in Munro and there the physical relationship between the two was established voluntarily. Political agent Malik Akram said that ‘when we got the information about the incident by phone, we Immediately contacted the woman through Basil Khan (the person who reported the incident by phone). Requested him to return to Dera Ghazi Khan which might not be possible for him. On which we reached Lahore and heard the whole incident from the woman. They were brought back to Dera Ghazi Khan and a case was registered and the accused were arrested within two hours.


The woman had come to Lahore to attend a wedding.

The woman who was allegedly raped is an American citizen and is also a tourist in addition to being a student. In Pakistan, the woman was in contact with a resident of Lahore, Basil Khan, who was the first to report it after hearing the woman’s cry. Police and assisted them in legal proceedings.

According to Lahore resident Basil Khan, he and the victim have known each other well for the past three years apart from being university fellows in America. He claimed that the friendship of the main suspect in the alleged rape case with the victim. It started a year ago through the tourist dating app and website ‘Couch Surfing’. They said that the woman had come to Pakistan before Eid on their invitation to attend a mutual friend’s wedding and when they met the woman. She was on a visit to Iran at that time, but after hearing about her friend’s marriage, she shortened her visit to Iran and came to Pakistan. Basil Khan said that after attending the wedding, the lady came to him in Lahore. was residing in Hai and was feeling somewhat bored, due to which she went to Dera Ghazi Khan on the invitation of the accused.

Note that any foreigner has to obtain NOC from the administration before visiting Dera Ghazi Khan. However, according to the DG Khan administration, the police and administration were not informed about the victim’s arrival in the city and no NOC was issued in this regard. Basil Khan claimed that when the woman went to Fort Munro. Then one night, he received an email from the woman asking for help. Basil Khan claims that the woman told him about the rape in the email and, showing understanding on the occasion, emailed him. Instead of making phone calls, according to Basil Khan, the woman reached Multan after the incident with DG Khan. When he called the woman, she was in a state of shock and it was becoming difficult to talk to her. According to Basil Khan, after the victim reached a safe place, he informed the provincial Ministry of Interior and the police and administration of Dera Ghazi Khan about the incident. It should be noted that after recording the statement before the magistrate in DG Khan, the woman Requested the authorities to shift him to Basil Khan’s house. According to Basel, on Wednesday morning, the DG Khan police have brought the victim to them from where she will now leave for America.

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