How TeamSpeak 3 is Changing the Gaming Industry

The Impact that TeamSpeak 3 is Having on the Gaming Industry
Because of the exponential expansion of the video game industry, there has been a commensurate rise in the number of times that video games  are used in professional settings. Gaming industry has evolved into a serious sport and a potential for business, as seen by the proliferation of live broadcasts and professional tournaments.

TeamSpeak Systems GmbH has come out with TeamSpeak 3 in order to satisfy the requirements of its customer base and compete with other platforms (TS3). It is now the most popular VoIP solution for gaming companies in the market. Let’s take a deeper look at the influence that TeamSpeak 3 has had on the gaming industry.

What exactly is the new TeamSpeak 3?

TeamSpeak 3 represents the next step forward in mission-critical communication. The capability of TS3 extends beyond audio and video calling to include include gaming industry aspects. Audio communication between users is also possible, along with the transmission of text messages.

Because TS3 can be used on personal computers (PCs), Apple Macs, Xbox One consoles, as well as mobile devices (Android and iOS), users are able to use the platform’s capabilities regardless of where they are or what device they are using.

The Prospects for the Use of Voice Over Internet Protocol in Gaming industry

The Prospects for the Use of Voice Over Internet Protocol in Gaming industry

As a result of gaming’s ever-increasing popularity, there has been a rising interest in the development of games that are more interactive. The majority of currently available video games do not have an enough amount of player participation, which is required for a genuine and thrilling gaming industry experience to be provided.

The release of cutting-edge gaming industry technology such as the Xbox One X, as well as virtual reality and augmented reality gaming, will usher in a new era of experiences that were previously inconceivable. And when these platforms receive more attention, TeamSpeak 3 will also contribute to the flood of new games that is coming out.

What new features have been added to TeamSpeak 3?

The primary reasons for the rise in popularity of TeamSpeak 3 among contemporary players are its features, which include the following:

  • Clear and Concise Communication

Clear conversation that is lag-free and features decreased background noise thanks to the inbuilt automatic microphone volume adjustment in TS3.

  • Actual Privacy

Unlike other communication technologies, such as Zoom, TS3 genuinely keeps your information private, contrary to what they offer. The platform does not have access to the communications you send or receive, and users are not required to sign up. In the event that you so choose, you may even host TS3 on your own own server.

  • Servers That Are Encrypted

The comprehensive security of TS3 is up to military standards. That means you have the option of encrypting your entire server or just certain channels with the AES algorithm.

  • Total Control

When using TS3, you have complete control over who may chat, who can join channels, and much more. Because the robust permissions system is hierarchical, you have the option of having either a hands-on or hands-off approach.

  • Utilization of Proxies 

By letting you get over the firewall maintained by your Internet service provider (ISP), proxies may make your experience of playing games online significantly better. In addition, TS3 proxies may assist mask your real IP address, which enables you to remain anonymous online, avoid being banned due to your IP address, and get around any kind of geo-restrictions.

  • Intensely Immersive Sound

Are your teammates standing directly in front of you? Because TS3 is equipped with breathtaking surround sound capabilities, that is exactly how you will feel.

  • Mobile Apps

Maintain communication with your team even when you can’t see them. You’ll always feel like you’re in the thick of things when you use applications designed for both iOS and Android.

  • Overwolf In-Game Overlay

TS3 empowers you to become a master of multitasking. Keep your focus on the action on the field while enjoying uninterrupted communication thanks to the centralised display of all information.

  • Ultimate Personalization

Your TeamSpeak 3 client is entirely under your control. You may personalise it to your liking by installing plugins, music packs, icon packs, and theme packs. Look through the contributions made by the community or make your own add-ons.

  • Scalability

What does it matter if there are only three people on your team today? The following day, that figure may rise to one hundred or perhaps two thousand. It is of no consequence. TS3 is designed to develop alongside you.

  • A Powerful Alliance Together

If you play games, then you already know that strategy is crucial. You should go all in with flowcharts, spreadsheets, manuals, and other organisational tools.

  • Nonsensical Conversations

Instead of yelling out orders all the time, you might find it more convenient to type. Keep your direct messages and group communications typed out and out of sight to avoid being discovered.

  • Telegram, TeamSpeak 3, and Gaming

For gamers searching for a scalable, highly functioning collaboration platform that provides audio and video communication options, TeamSpeak 3 is the greatest option (and the only one available). The customers of this service are given the ability to quickly collaborate on any device and at any time, and it is also incredibly simple to set up and operate.
When it comes to collaborating on games, TeamSpeak 3 has emerged as the undisputed champion. It has several intriguing features, such as privacy and security on a military-grade level. Nobody needs to be aware of the methods you use to win. If you are a fan of video games, give TeamSpeak 3 a go and start incorporating it into your gameplay right now; you won’t be let down!

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