The assassination of the Japanese Prime Minister who could change a safe country like Japan forever


As soon as the news of the assassination attempt on Shinzo Abe came out on Friday morning, messages from friends and acquaintances were coming in and everyone was asking the same question: How could this happen in Japan? My own impressions were similar. After living here for a long time, you stop thinking about violent crimes. The identity of the attacker makes this news even more shocking. Shinzo Abe may not have been Japan’s prime minister at the time, but he is still seen as an influential figure in Japan and perhaps the most popular politician of the last three decades.
Who would want to kill Abe and why would he do that?
I’m thinking of another example of this kind of incident that is as shocking to the local population as Abe’s murder. One such politically violent incident that comes to mind was the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986. When I say that people in Japan do not think about violent crime, I do not exaggerate. Yes, there are Yakuza, known as the organized violent gangs in Japan. However, most people rarely get frostbite in their normal lives. And the Yakuza themselves are afraid to use weapons because they can be fined heavily for their illegal possession. It is very difficult to keep weapons in Japan. You do not have to have a criminal record to do this, you must have had the necessary training to wield a weapon, you must have been psychologically examined and your family background is investigated in great detail and the police That’s why there are so few examples of ‘gun crime’ here. The average number of deaths due to weapons in Japan is 10 each year. There were only three such deaths in 2017. That is why all attention is now on the attacker and the weapon used by him. Who is the attacker? Where did he get this weapon from? According to Japanese media, the 41-year-old suspected attacker was a former member of the country’s self-defense forces, which is considered equal to the army.

Japanese media

However, a closer look at his career reveals that he spent only three years in the Navy. The weapon they may have used is also very mysterious. A closer look at the image of the weapon lying on the ground after the attack reveals that it was a home-made weapon. Apparently two steel A hand-made gun horse is attached to the pipes with tape. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.
So was it a political attack or the act of someone who wanted to become popular by killing a celebrity? So far we can’t say anything about that.
There have been several political assassinations in Japan in the past. The most famous assassination was in 1960 by the leader of the Japanese Socialist Party, Anjou Asanoma. He was stabbed to death in the abdomen by a right-wing extremist. There are still right-wing extremists in Japan, but Abe himself was a right-wing nationalist leader, so he was targeted by such a group. Less likely to make
Over the years, we have seen an increase in the popularity of a variety of crimes in Japan. These are crimes committed by silent and lonely men who have something in mind against someone. In 2019, a man set fire to a building in Kyoto, which also had a popular animation studio. The man told police he was angry at the studio for “stealing his work.”
Similarly, in another incident in 2008, a young man rammed a truck into several shopkeepers in Tokyo’s Akihabara district and then went out and stabbed the occupants. As a result, seven people were killed. He had posted a message online before the attack, saying, “I will kill the people of Akihabara” and “I have no friends, everyone looks at me.” Style because I’m ugly. My status is less than rubbish. It is not yet known whether the attack on Abe falls into the first category or the second, but it is safe to say that his killing will change Japan. Japan is so safe. There is a country where security is very soft. During the election campaign, politicians are standing on the sidewalks, giving speeches and shaking hands with shopkeepers and passers-by. That is why Abe’s attackers shot at them from so close. Able to run. Of course this will change after today.

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