The Benefits of Outdoor Sensor Lights

Outdoor Sensor Lights are a great addition to any home. They’re an inexpensive way to ensure your home is safe. The benefits are endless, from improved security to enhanced energy efficiency. But before you buy, it’s important to understand what types of outdoor lights to consider and where to place them.

Ingress protection (IP) rating

IP rating is used for outdoor sensor lights to indicate how much protection they have against moisture, dust, and other elements. The first digit indicates the degree of protection for the electrical or electronic device from solid objects, while the second digit indicates the level of protection against water and other liquids.

It is important to understand IP ratings. This is because it provides customers with a clear indication of the item’s resistance to intrusion. A high-IP rating fixture is suitable for use in wet locations, such as sports arenas, beachfronts, and dirty warehouses. It is also useful for areas where there are large footfalls and greater exposure to dust and liquids.

Typical IP ratings range from IPX4 to IPX7. However, not all luminaires are certified for these levels of protection. These fixtures may be sold under other marketing terms, such as IP5, which means no certified level of moisture resistance. Most outdoor sensor lights have an IP rating of a four, five, or six. Usually, the other parts attached to the light are not rated higher than that.

Sensor Ranges

In the field of outdoor lighting, there are numerous motion sensor lights to choose from. They are a great way to add a little extra security to your home. These lights can be set to stay on for a certain period of time or they can be set to turn on only when you need them.

Choosing the best one for your needs will take a little bit of homework. First, you’ll want to look for a motion sensor that offers a long enough detection range. Most motion sensors can detect movement up to 100 feet away. If you need more coverage, a multi-light design may be in order.

You also need to consider the quality of materials. Generally, you’ll need to buy motion sensor lights made of quality material. This includes a sturdy and weather resistant enclosure. Whether it’s a small LED bulb or a large floodlight, you’ll need to be confident that it’s durable enough to withstand the elements.

Places To Install Them

Putting up motion sensor lights is a great way to increase home security. They can deter burglars and other would-be thieves from entering your property. Also, they can provide a bright light to help you find your keys in the dark.


Before installing a motion sensor light, be sure to consider where to place it. For best results, it’s a good idea to put it on a pathway, such as near your front door or driveway. Ideally, the light should be installed as high as possible. You can do this by using pre-existing holes.

A motion sensor should be placed at least six feet above the ground. It should be mounted to a waterproof box. Depending on the model, it should have a range of six to ten feet. This allows it to catch the most movement. Once the motion detector is mounted, it’s time to test its sensitivity. The sensor should be adjusted to the proper height and direction to catch the most movement.

Outdoor Sensor Lights by AGM Electrical Supplies

AGM Electrical Supplies is a company that provides a wide range of electrical equipment and supplies, including outdoor sensor lights. Outdoor sensor lights are a type of lighting that use motion sensors to turn on and off automatically. They are designed for outdoor use and are known for their energy efficiency, security benefits, and convenience. AGM Electrical Supplies offer a variety of outdoor sensor lights for different applications such as residential, commercial, and industrial settings. They also offer different types of outdoor sensor lights such as LED sensor lights, halogen sensor lights, incandescent sensor lights and more. Additionally, they offer a range of different brands, colors and styles of outdoor sensor lights to cater to different customer needs. These lights can be used to enhance the security and safety of homes, buildings, and industrial areas, and also to save energy by not staying on when there is no motion detected.

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