The Best Brass Kitchen Faucets

In the kitchen, farmhouse sinks, open shelves, and brass faucets have all become essentials. It’s understandable why, since brass faucets look stunning in kitchens of all colours and bring so much warmth and comfort to the room.
Because certain brass finishes need more maintenance, brass is distinct from stainless steel or nickel. If you desire brass, your two major options are to simply leave it alone or choose an aged brass treatment, which is more reliable.

I’ve discussed this with many of my customers, so I’ll mention some advantages and disadvantages of these various finishes to assist you in selecting the greatest brass faucet for all your other residences.

bare brass fixtures without paint

Brass that doesn’t have a protective coating or special sealant to keep it shiny is exactly what it sounds like. As you use the faucet, fingerprints, splashes of oil, and water will add to its worn-in appearance.

Unlacquered brass has what is referred to as a “living finish,” which is one of its greatest qualities. This finish is used by high-end faucet manufacturers including House of Rohl, Waterstone, and Rejuvenation. A disadvantage is the price, and some individuals dislike the black stains that patina probably leaves behind. It responds to acidic meals and beverages in addition to fingerprints.

You may restore the original finish using a metal polish just like Brasso if the patina’s unpredictability bothers you. According to California Faucets, unlacquered brass faucets should be taken out of the packaging two weeks before installation so that the patina may begin to develop. It will be easier to manage the patina and maintain it even if you polish the faucet with butcher’s wax before using it.

Brass faucets with a burnished finish

Only a small number of faucet manufacturers have a burnished small brass finish, but it’s my favorite. Rolling unfinished brass faucets in a bin of corn kernels gives them a “burnished” appearance. I like how this polish creates the appearance that something has been there forever and conceals the slightly uneven patina that develops over time. The finish on my own kitchen faucet is this.

Vintage brass fixtures

The creator of antique brass adds a little amount of patina to the finished product to make it somewhat darker, and they then seal it to preserve it that way. They may have a glossy polish or a somewhat softer satin finish. If you’re busy and don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining your kitchen faucet, antique brass is a fantastic option.

Faucets with a PVD Brass-Look

The majority of people are shocked to learn that there is also a third choice for faucets that resemble brass. If you enjoy the notion of a patina but want your faucet to maintain its brilliance, you might choose the PVD treatment. Even though PVD has a brass-like appearance, it is a sophisticated procedure that modifies the oxygen molecules on the base metal’s surface.

The phrase “physical vapour deposition,” or simply “PVD,” refers to a method developed to enhance the performance of cannons. Eventually, it was used to create faucets when scientists discovered that they could use the same technique to alter the metal’s colour.

If you don’t want the actual finish altered at all, PVD is your best option. The only issue is that purists could argue that it isn’t really brass, but most other people won’t pay attention to that. Our top-choice PVD finishes are excellent substitutes that will fit in with all your other kitchen or bathroom decor and last for a very long time.

Several of my preferred brass faucets

Kohler Purist Faucet 

This faucet is for the bathroom, but it also works in the kitchen. It has a vibrant modern brushed new gold PVD finish and retro-style cross handles with a sleek, contemporary design.

Trinsic Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Because of the revolutionary ceramic disc technology used in its construction, this touch-sensitive faucet will last 5 million uses.It features a Delta Champagne Bronze finish that won’t tarnish or alter. Additionally, it automatically shuts off after four minutes if you accidentally leave it on.

Metal cross handle Henry high-profile bar faucet

A farmhouse or even industrial kitchen will look fantastic with this sturdy one-hole faucet. If you do not follow the Waterworks wax regimen (which is described in detail in the first Waterstone 1625-01 Fulton Faucet illustration on this page), this faucet will continue to age.

Waterstone Fulton Faucet 1625-01

There is no reason why you couldn’t use this single-hole faucet anywhere else, even if it was designed for a wet bar sink. This modern faucet has no coating and is made of brass. Tuscan brass, which is softer, and aged brass, which has more patina, are the two finishes available.

 Rocky Mountain Hardware Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet with Straight Spout

This faucet caught my attention because it featured tiny T-shaped knobs and an unexpected curvature in the spout. For some reason, RMH’s unlacquered brass-look finish is actually referred to as bronze, yet it is available in two textures: softly brushed and highly polished.

Corsano Faucet 

Because the simple pull sprayer is compact and out of the way and the spray is so powerful, I like the Corsano design from California Faucets. A trash button, water spout, and soap dispenser are all included in the series. Due to the burnished brass, the contemporary lines of the faucet will eventually take on a vintage appearance as it ages. It nearly makes cleaning the dishes enjoyable, even with my own picture window and beautiful brass faucet.

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