The Best Trailers From Gamescom 2022

The video game convention known as Gamescom 2022 is presently taking place in Cologne, Germany. Since its inception in 2009, the exhibition has been ingrained in the video game industry and has served as a platform for showcasing some of the most seminal titles of all time. Gamescom is the event to watch if you want to find out more about the most anticipated games of the year now that E3 is in disarray. The following are the teasers for which we are most enthusiastic.

Dune Awakening (Gamescom 2022)

Dune Awakening Gamescom 2022

Dune Awakening is an open-world survival massively multiplayer online game that is based on the award-winning novel series written by Frank Herbert. The game is set on the harsh world of Arrakis. In order to achieve world dominance, you are going to have to endure intense heat, risk being dehydrated, and fight off enormous sandworms. You may sign up for updates and add the game to your Wishlist here, but there is no specific release date at this time.

Hogwarts Legacy( Gamescom 2022)

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is a prequel to the original Harry Potter book series that puts the player in the role of a young wizard who enrols at Hogwarts after the school year has already begun. Fans of the Harry Potter series will be pleased to learn about this new instalment. We have been aware for some time that the game will eventually be released, but up until this point, we have been kept in the dark regarding the specifics of the story. This most recent teaser also provides a glimpse at the pre-order extras that will be available. Here is where you can add the video game to your Wishlist in advance of its release in February 2023.

New Tales From the Borderlands (Gamescom 2022)

New Tales From the Borderlands

The first-person shooter (FPS) games in the main Borderlands series are making a comeback, and the story-driven titles in the Tales From the Borderlands series are making a comeback as well. The plot will be picked up where the previous episode of the series, which aired in 2018, left off with a cliffhanger when this new title, New Tales From the Borderlands, becomes available for download on all major platforms in October 2022.

Friends Vs Friends (Gamescom 2022)

friends vs friends

The library of competitive arena shooters became a little bit bigger with the addition of Friends Vs. Friends. This card-based power system, which makes the game something like a cross between Yu-Gi-Oh! and Fortnite, is intended to set it apart from other games in its genre. experience of a certain sort. The developers are particularly proud of the absence of microtransactions, and it will offer 1v1 and 2v2 modes. You are able to add the game to your Wishlist here.

6.Atlas Fallen (Gamescom 2022)

Atlas Fallen

The events of Atlas Fallen take place in the aftermath of a devastating occurrence. You make use of your abilities to assist the people in putting the pieces of their life back together, to conjure weapons in order to fight legendary creatures, and to uncover the mysteries buried under the sands. When it finally launches in 2023, Atlas Fallen will only be available on the PlayStation 5 platform.

Moonbreaker (Gamescom 2022)


Moonbreaker is a new, turn-based adventure game that was developed by the same team that created Subnautica and features the narrative artistry of New York Times best-selling author Brandon Sanderson. The game allows players to personalise their characters in a way that is reminiscent of miniature painting through the use of a customisation function. You may add Moonbreaker to your Wishlist on this page, and it is scheduled for release in September 2022.

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