The brilliant revolution of 5G technology

The brilliant revolution of 5G technology

The brilliant revolution of 5G technology

With the passage of time, adapting ourselves to modern technology has also become an integral part of our lives. The importance of innovation in the field of telecommunication and information technology has been felt more acutely in the current pandemic situation. The world has seen that China is using 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, drone technology and Other technical means have been used very well with quite good results.

Recently, it was said by China that more than 600,000 5G base stations will be built across the country this year and rural and urban areas of the country will be equipped with modern technology. More than two and a half million 5G base stations have been built across the country, while the number of 5G users in the country has also exceeded three and a half million. In China, the delivery of 5G mobile phones has increased to six million by the end of this year. This number will exceed eighteen crores. It is worth mentioning that 5G is being used in more than 400 applications including industry, transport and medical sector in China, while 130 types of 5G mobile phones have been approved in the country.

Now the question arises as to what changes 5G technology will bring to our lives. In this regard, China’s leading newspaper People’s Daily talked to experts and the answer to this question was that there will be revolutionary changes in various sectors thanks to 5G. For example, each of us is interested in different sporting events. With 5G technology, it will be possible to watch live matches played in different arenas around the world from different angles. “Bird’s Eye View” “Multi Screen Angles” “Free Angle” and “Player’s Angle” are included. Experts say that thanks to “Free Angle” you can have a full view of a basketball court by rotating the screen at an angle of 360 degrees. Thanks to this technology live streaming, different sports matches can be watched at the same time as most arenas have limited capacity for multi-camera live streaming.

One of the benefits of 5G technology will also be those who are fond of singing. During concerts, fans will be able to sing along with their favorite artists in a very creative and exciting way. Using holographic projection, your real image will be brought to the screen. Thanks to the 5G technology, you will be able to sing songs with a gap of milliseconds, which will also be an advantage that domestic and international cooperation in the field of music will be developed.

Experts also say that 5G technology will also play an important role in saving us from visiting doctor’s clinics as 5G smart healthcare system will be able to diagnose diseases at home and even perform surgeries on patients. Hospitals will see average download speeds of up to 450 Mbps from high-quality 5G radio networks.

With the help of 5G technology and artificial intelligence, it will be possible to create a “smart tax” system in any country. Experts point out that the bandwidth of 5G will be much higher than that of 4G, the distance between two networks will be very short, and the speed of data transmission will also be very fast, which will be online including taxes. It is very beneficial for the application related system. Thus, the online information submission process for the citizens will save time and the work will be done quickly.

Another useful use of 5G technology will also come in the form of building smart cities. An additional feature of smart cities will be that it will be possible to predict unusual events. According to experts, 5G in cities Equipped with a “smart brain” it will be able to analyze a wide range of data. In the light of the analysis, early information about any abnormal event or possibility can be obtained. Similarly, with regard to crime control. 5G technology will also prove to be an effective tool.

The routine life of citizens will also improve thanks to the smart system, for example, if there is a sudden increase or decrease in the use of electricity, gas, etc. in a house or area, the system will immediately report this change. This is worth mentioning. That the two cities of China, Chongqing and Tian, ​​in which the “Smart City System” is currently active. 5G technology will also bring convenience to people involved in labor-intensive and difficult professions and can help protect their lives. People involved in professions like oil drilling, fire fighting, mining, in any emergency situation from 70 milliseconds. They will also be able to convey the message in less time, which will enable timely actions.

5G is the “Fifth Generation” network technology and it is expected that thanks to this technology, while the Internet speed will increase many times before, other operations will also become ten times faster than 4G. 5G will bring revolutionary changes in information and telecommunication fields including artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous vehicles and many other fields and will create convenience for common people.

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