The decision of the government coalition to save Hamza Shahbaz and complete the term of the assembly

The government alliance has decided that the National Assembly will complete its term while efforts will be made to save the Chief Minister in Punjab. According to sources, an important meeting of PDM and allied parties was held in which Chairman PTI Imran Khan. Criticism of institutions was strongly condemned. The participants said that the elections will be held on the decision of the allies and not on the pressure of Imran Khan. Dragging institutions into politics is an undemocratic process. Imran Khan should promote the politics of anarchy in the country. have been. PDM and coalition parties will respond to Imran Khan’s narrative. Coalition parties decided that early elections are not a profitable option. Moreover, Co-Chairman People’s Party Asif Zardari called Hamza Shehbaz to him not to resign. According to the sources, PDM demanded the Election Commission to give a decision on the foreign funding case immediately. In the meeting, it was agreed to give a relief package to the people after the IMF money came to Pakistan. After the meeting, Railway Minister Saad Rafique said that Punjab elections are not determining the popularity and unpopularity of anyone, it is only 20 seats. But there was an election and our votes have increased in the by-election. In the by-election, PML-N has got more votes than in 2018. He said that he will fight against lies, temptations and conspiracies. The government will complete its term. came to power, because of them, Pakistan suffered economic crisis. Saad Rafiq said that Imran Khan is a misguided man, our leadership made sacrifices for the sake of the country, cut prisons, kept making noise of rigging till evening, the result will come. When it started, they became silent. On this occasion, JUI leader Akram Durrani said that Imran Khan has harmed the country, he is humiliating the institutions, he has destroyed the economy of Pakistan. He said that Imran Khan has come on an agenda and he is spreading this agenda in every corner of the country. He said that the allies decided that the government will complete the term. Fitkhar Hussain said that Imran Khan has destroyed the economy of the country, democracy has been strengthened by the results of the transparent election in Punjab. He said that our war will continue for the supremacy of the constitution. Not above. He said that Imran Khan kept disappearing again and again during the long march, the biggest problem at that time is inflation. We are making all efforts to control inflation. On this occasion, MQM Waseem Akhtar, the leader, said that Imran Khan’s government has failed to solve the problems of the people. Despite winning, accusations are being made against the Election Commission, those who taunt others have their children out of the country.

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