The “Park Bench” Catfish Seminar Recording is Now Available

The "Park Bench" Catfish Seminar Recording is Now Available

The “Park Bench” Catfish Seminar Recording is Now Available

It might be said that “Park Bench” by Catfish Seminar is one of the singles that had the most impact in 2022. The band, originally from Nashville but now based in the Illinois farmlands, has chosen an adaptable style of Americana to serve as their primary mode of audience engagement and communication. Andi Jane’s lyrics are exquisite but conversational, and they are anguished and incisive, and they are about thwarted love. The style of the moment is pure and unadulterated balladry, and “Park Bench” is an example of this.

The first thing that grabs your attention is her voice, and then those words. She takes her time as she works her way through the song’s lyrics, carefully synchronising the tempo of her phrasing with the music that she is playing on the piano. Although the arrangement of the auxiliary instruments in this track leans toward a traditional country configuration, there is nothing about the presentation that is particularly cornpone. The song “Park Bench,” on the other hand, has an underlying singer-songwriter style and a top-shelf country ballad production that, in the end, resists easy categorization beyond the simplest – that it is a terrific song.

The Catfish Seminar that is heard on the song is not the same band that is seen and heard by audiences when the band is performing live. Craig Anderson, Jane’s key creative collaborator as well as a songwriter and guitarist, built the settings for the song’s promotional video and also stars in the clip alongside Jane. However, Anderson is nowhere to be found in the single. She is ably aided by a cast of high grade musicians for the album; among them, Will McFarlane’s guitar, Paul Neihaus’ pedal steel, and Steven Lewis’ banjo are the song’s brightest lights. [Case in point:] [Case in point:] [Case in point:] [Case in point:] [Case in point


The lyrics has a strong emphasis on relatability, and its straightforward language conveys a scenario that a significant number of listeners will be all too familiar with. It is a relationship that is represented in the lyrics as being stuck in terminal velocity, but at that gloomy point before any end-of-the-line pyrotechnics begin. The emotions of regret, dismissal, sadness, and contempt are all contained inside the same compacted frame that Jane epitomises, and she does not take any shortcuts to get there.


It’s possible that purists will disregard the song since it has elements typical of mainstream songs. However, ears who aren’t being dishonest will hear a tune that isn’t confined to any one particular style. The single, on the other hand, lives in its own universe, one in which distinctions like these are meaningless. The vocal performance by Jane conveys the circumstances described in the song without any ham-fisted theatrics, without any sense of exaggeration, and with the certain sense of a seasoned performer who is fully aware of exactly what the music requires.

The similar sense of equilibrium may be found in the accompanying movie. Catfish Seminar imbues the music video with the same quality and distinction that permeates the track and the artistic flourish it exhibits along the edges. They refrain from pushing in for melodrama whenever they are in a position to let the song and the occasion express itself. The film gives off the impression that the festivities have come to an end or that the closing time has passed without ever proclaiming this in an overly dramatic manner.


Catfish Seminar is producing the kind of repertoire that will live for decades thanks to the diversity of their sound and the compositional abilities of their members. It would not be an exaggeration to state that “Park Bench” is among the band’s greatest works to date since the songwriting in it is of the type that looks to the future rather than the present, which is something we hear much too little of these days. However, there is more on the way, and it will certainly help further establish them as one of the most successful Americana-themed artists actively working in the music industry today.

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