The Step-by-Step Guide to Email Tracking with Google Analytics

The Step-by-Step Guide to Email Tracking with Google Analytics

The Step-by-Step Guide to Email Tracking with Google Analytics
You read that correctly; you are able to trace your email and find out whether it has been delivered to the receiver or whether it has been viewed by the recipient.
The most popular application for sending e-mails and communicating with a large number of individuals is Google Mail, which is utilised by a lot of people. With the assistance of Google Analytics, you are able to monitor the delivery of your emails. Google Analytics is a Web Analysis tool offered by Google that monitors and reports on website traffic. In addition to a wide variety of additional functions, Google Analytics is connected with Ad words. Reporting for e-commerce often makes extensive use of it to monitor sales activity and performance.
You may utilise the tracking software to determine whether or not the letter has been viewed by someone if you are curious about this. Bananatag is a browser-based application that monitors and records outgoing emails. The user has the opportunity to read as well as monitor geolocations with the use of an add-on for Chrome called Yestag. This add-on may be utilised with Chrome to track geolocations.
And the second software is called Google Analytics, and it monitors the emails with the assistance of Google Apps Script just before we send them out. When the recipient reads the email, the Google Analytics tracking image is instantly downloaded and the tracking code is registered. The picture is delivered together with the message content so that it can be tracked using Google Analytics. After that, you will have the ability to observe the activities in real time immediately. Take a look at a model response.


It is important to note that the procedure will not be successful if the receiver has disabled the ability to download images. However, because Gmail automatically downloads the photos, there is a possibility that the event may be monitored.

Proceed with the Following Steps to Track Emails Using Google Analytics

1. Log in to your Gmail account and write your message, but do not send it just yet.
2. Save the Gmail message as a draught in your Gmail account; at this point, we need to activate the tracking script.
3. Create a fresh copy of the document and then navigate back to the Gmail-tracking script.
4.Following that, select the initialise option from the Track Emails menu that is located on the right side of the Spread Sheet.
5. You must now give permission for the tracking script.
(If asked for Authorization, kindly provide it the permission to continue running.)
6. Once the coast is clear, you may send your email by clicking on the Track Emails button. And then choose the message that you had written earlier and decided you wanted to send to the recipient.
7.From the drop-down menu, select the message you want to send and enter your Google Analytics ID.
8. To send the message with the tracker, use the Send button, and then celebrate your success.

9.You are now able to track it by using the event log in Google analytics. This will allow you to determine when the email was viewed as well as when it was delivered.

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