Tie straps with the help of a smartphone

Nike, an American sports equipment manufacturer, has introduced automatic straps. These straps will automatically fit on the shoes and can be controlled with a smartphone.

The shoes, equipped with automatic strapping technology, were featured in the popular movie ‘Back to the Future Two’, but Nike made them a reality in 2016.

This latest version of Nike is called the Nike Adap, which will cost 350 350 and will not require a button to tie the straps.

Self-closing straps were introduced via the live streaming platform Twitch.

“We deliberately chose basketball to be the first sport to adapt to Nike because the sport puts a lot of pressure on athletes’ shoes,” said Eric Evar, Nike’s creative director for innovation.

smartphone and shoes

Users can customize the straps and control them via a smartphone app that will secure them according to their preferences. The user will be able to make different settings in different moments of the game in which they will open during the timeout and will be able to close again before the game starts.

When players wear shoes, these straps will automatically adjust to the situation with the help of a motor and gear.

The app will also store data that athletes can share with Nike.


smartphone and shoes

Michael Shaw, editor of the Variable Technology website, says: “People love shoes with automatic straps because they saw it in the movie Back to the Future, but now they are entering the real world from the movie world. ‘

According to him, Nike says that it is taking this technology to other shoes, but I think it can be magic, instead, it is actually beneficial.

“We have been predicting growth in smart shoes for a long time,” said Ben Wood, a mobile analyst at consultancy CCS Insight. This is a logical place for technology but the real intention of shoemakers is that this technology offers the ability to get information about performance and wear.

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