Tips for using your PlayStation 4

Tips for using your PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 It is becoming the reference console in these first bars of the last generation, although we are sure that this new battle of machines will play a lot more. If you are the lucky owner of a Sony console, we offer you a series of tips o tips so that you can explore your new console even more.

Keep in mind that new features and possibilities will be added to the console’s capabilities and the operating system itself over the next few weeks. There is no doubt that Sony will not pamper you with PlayStation 4, with which its future in the video game sector is being played. Without further ado, let’s check out these tips for newbie and non-newbie PS4 users.

DualShock 4’s colorful LEDs

Placed at the top of the remote control, it has its own features, in addition to providing specific information details through the brightness of colors in some games – for example, depending on the color that is lit, we know We will tell you that we are damaged or that the items are being received.

Also, if we have four controllers connected to PlayStation 4, each one will have a special color to distinguish the players: one player will always be blue, two red, the third green and finally the fourth, pink. Some people have complained about the excessive brightness of this function, which, for the time being, cannot be disabled – in the next update of the system it will be allowed to reduce its intensity -, although some players L has resorted to putting up ambiguous stickers. e. d.

How to create your own soundtrack?

For this you must be a paying member of the Music Unlimited service and create playlists of your choice. To be able to hear it while playing, you have to go to the game options, lower the music volume, press the PS button, you will see the song playing. Music Unlimited service and volume option, which will be integrated into the game by manipulating it.

Looks like a remote

You already know that the DualShock 4 includes a small integrated speaker that emits sounds during gameplay. If you find it annoying, you can access the command options menu, where you will find the volume bar to minimize.

Connect any headset to the DualShock 4

This is one of the most surprising innovations of the new PlayStation 4 controller and it has the advantage that we can connect any headset we have at home thanks to the standard jack connection. Also, with the headset that comes standard with the console, you can chat with your contacts.

Update the console via USB

By entering the website of Sony you can download the different versions of available firmware and save them to a USB. Create a folder inside the USB pen called “PS4? ​​and inside another subfolder called “Update”: there you have to save the patch. Plug the USB memory into the console, press and hold the power button for 7 seconds. Hold down , the console will boot into safe mode and you can select the update method via USB device.

Control loading more easily

En Playstation 3 disadvantage is that in order to load the dual shock 3 o success, it was necessary to turn on the console until the battery is fully charged. Well, with the PS4 is not the same case, because it will be enough to stand by the machine to recharge the battery Dual Shock 4.

Use your smartphone or tablet as a keyboard

For this you have to download the Playstation app for iOS or Android depending on the operating system of the device you are using. Later, you’ll have to sync the device with the console, allowing you to send messages, keep up-to-date with what your friends are doing, or use your smart device as a keyboard. The facility will be available. On the other hand, with PS Vita you can do the same, as we tell you.

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