Today’s men can’t handle four wives

Actress Darfashan Saleem believes that not a single wife is properly handled by today’s men, how can they handle four wives, they can’t handle four women,

Salim recently appeared on TV One’s show The Big Apple, where she talked openly about other issues, including acting, and when and how she would get married.

During the program, she said that she was offered to act in the film before the dramas, but she still preferred the small screen and still gives more importance to dramas.

He also spoke openly on the issue of screening of many films at the same time and said that filmmakers should not release 5 to 6 films at a time, in this age of inflation people cannot watch films together.

Today's men can't handle four wives

The actress said that filmmakers should focus on content rather than quantity, budgeting five films in one film to make a very good film, which people are happy to see.

According to Darshan Saleem, at present, a ticket for a movie is up to Rs.

In the program, in response to a question, he said that in Pakistani society, girls do not have boyfriends, usually, girls marry according to the wishes of their parents.

He said that Pakistani girls do not have boyfriends, they are usually shown pictures of boys before marriage, after which they are married.

In response to another question, Saleem said that she does not believe in making boyfriends, they have no affair and it will never happen, they will get married directly.

Darshan Saleem said that he wants to get married without romance like Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif.
On which the host told him that Katrina Kaif has had affairs with many fellow actors, after which he got married to Vicky Koshal. Married to her, she wants to get married in the same way.

In response to another question in the same program, Darfshan Saleem said that today’s men cannot handle four wives and that today’s men are not allowed to have so many marriages.

Darshan Saleem said that he personally thinks that today’s men can’t handle more than one woman, they can’t handle one wife, how will they handle four wives?

On the same issue, he said that nowadays it is the time of inflation, petrol has gone up to Rs 200 per liter, therefore men cannot handle four wives.

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