Top 5 Event Solution Platforms That Allow You to Create Host and Market Your Events

If you are interested in hosting an event, there are a few platforms available that will make this process much easier. However, not all of them are created equal. Among the five most popular options are Webex Events, Whova, Hopin, BigMarker and Zoom.

splash studio media real estate photography

There are many splash studio media  real estate photography tools out there, but Splash Studio Media stands out from the pack. It offers a full range of photo editing software, but the most impressive is the one that helps you market your listings across social media. The platform is also easy to use, so beginners can get on the right track quickly.

In addition to photos, the platform carries the lion’s share of the weight in the marketing department, making it the ideal tool to promote your listing. Not only does it offer all the features of an onsite team, but its bespoke services are built for the specific needs of your property.

Splash Studio Media is a pioneer in the field of marketing and photography, and has been in business for more than a decade. From listing videos and property photographs to home staging and more, the company has what it takes to help you sell your home faster.


BigMarker is an all-in-one virtual event platform for webinars and meetings. It is designed to simplify business meetings, promote brand awareness and engage audiences. The platform offers hundreds of features and customizations for hosting virtual events, including a broadcast studio, unified analytics and more.

BigMarker is an ideal online meeting solution for any company. Whether you are holding a professional seminar, a paid class or a webinar, the platform provides a range of customisable solutions to suit your needs.

For example, you can set up a landing page with your logo and branding. You can set up polls and a Q&A session. And, of course, you can customize the webinar room and even the registration pages.

Moreover, BigMarker supports live and recorded webinars. And it is compatible with a wide range of devices.


Whova is a popular event solution platform that offers a suite of features to help increase attendee interaction. Its event app promotes networking opportunities and helps sponsors expose their brands. Organizers can also generate leads using the app’s Q&A feature.

Event organizers can easily create an online registration page using Whova’s streamlined system. They can also sync registrants’ information. Besides, the app offers live polling, gamification, and in-session feedback.

Organizers can also generate custom email campaigns. In addition, attendees can add sessions, take notes, and use the app’s community board to network.

Moreover, the app also includes a speaker hub, which allows presenters to share their background information, and link their websites. Presenters can also add up to 50 images.

Organizers can choose from four plans, ranging from Basic to Enterprise. The Starter plan is free.

Webex Events

Webex Events is an event solution platform that powers interactive, immersive events. It blends ease of use with deep customization. This platform can support events of all sizes. Whether you need a virtual conference, trade show, or fundraiser, this platform can help.

In addition to the Webex Events app, Cisco also offers a video conferencing tool. Hubilo lets you manage events through video conferencing, one-on-one meetings, and group discussions. They also have an event reporting feature that lets you track attendance, engagement, and participation.

The platform includes a robust content management system and production add-ons. Users can comment on posts, create a personal profile page, and add friends. Plus, there are also mobile apps.

Originally known as Socio, Webex Events now offers a wide range of features for attendees, organizers, and sponsors. These include registration, live streaming, polling, lead retrieval, and event communities.


Hopin is an event solution platform that allows you to create host and market your events. Designed to be easy to use, it offers extensive branding and customization features. It also has robust integrations.

In the last several years, virtual venues for events have become more popular. These venues allow people from all over the world to attend your event. You can use your event to market your business, provide training and education, and network with others.

As an event solution platform, Hopin provides many tools to help you promote your event and create an immersive experience for your attendees. For example, you can set up a registration page, create an expo area, and design your event room. Also, you can offer tickets in various currencies.

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