UFC Volkanovski overpowers Holloway… win by unanimous decision

Complete victory in the 4th defense of the featherweight title… Lightweight moonwalking in full swing

Chansung Jung (35) wasn’t the only one who couldn’t fight. UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovsky (34, Australia) succeeded in defending his title for the fourth time with overwhelming skills.

Volkanovski defeated Max Holloway (31), ranked No. 1 in weight division, by unanimous decision 3-0 (50-45 50-) in the UFC 276 featherweight title match held at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on the 3rd (Korea time). 45 50-45).

This was the third time Volkanovsky and Holloway faced each other.

In their first match in 2019, Volkanovsky, who took on the challenger, stole the featherweight championship belt that Holloway had, and in the second match between the two in 2020, Volkanovsky succeeded in the first defense amid controversy over the decision.

Originally, Volkanovski and Holloway were scheduled to fight in the third fight at UFC 273 in April this year, but Holloway’s injury resulted in a substitute against Volkanovsky as a substitute by Chansung Jung.

In this match, Volkanovski completely tied Chan-Seong Jung’s limbs and won the TKO victory in the fourth round.

Breaking the prospect of a fierce battle, Volkanovsky literally played Holloway as if he had completely put Chansung Jung to sleep three months ago.

Volkanovski blocked Holloway’s approach with outboxing with flashy footwork, and from the 1st to the 5th round, he overwhelms the effective number of hits per round.

Unlike Holloway’s face and bottoms stained with blood when he was beaten down at the end of the match, Volkanovsky was as clean as a player who had just arrived in the Octagon.

With this match, Volkanovski proved that there was no longer any rival in the featherweight division (under 65.8 kg) and declared a challenge in the lightweight division (under 70.3 kg).

In an interview after the match, he declared, “I want to fight between two weight classes, and I want a lightweight title fight.”

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