Understand women 10 little rules

Women know how to be complicated and mysterious and sometimes it’s not clear what they think and above all what they want, perhaps because in reality they don’t even know it. However, there are some things you need to know about the fair sex in order to try to understand what they expect from a partner and what they consider important in a relationship. 10 little rules to win her over and make her happy.


  1. Make the first move and take the initiative. Women fight for gender equality and want to be considered equal to men, but when it comes to relationships, they prefer men who know how to take the initiative and demonstrate self-confidence by showing their interest first.
  2. Learn to listen. Women don’t like being listened to, so learn to show interest. If you think you can pretend you’re wrong, they’ll notice and they won’t take it well. Try to be interested in what they tell you and what they confide in you, they like you to be involved in their world. Otherwise then don’t complain that you don’t understand them!
  3. Small gestures are the biggest. Remember that when women reproach you for not proving them anything and not doing enough they don’t expect banners, serenades and flowers every day. Show them affection through small gestures, perhaps daily, it’s simple and doesn’t take up much time or money.
  4. Women know how to be vindictive and the thing they hate the most are lies. Sometimes an inconvenient truth is better than avoiding an argument by lying.
  5. When in doubt, apologise. If she is angry do not try to defend yourself or attack her in response, surrender immediately and there will be no bloodshed. A simple ” sorry ” is sometimes all they want to hear.
  6. Romance? Yes thanks. Women like to think that chivalry hasn’t disappeared, and a small unexpected romantic gesture can really score you a lot of points. A flower for no reason, a ready-made dinner one day when she is particularly tired, a nice message or a sudden kiss, are gestures that everyone likes, even those who don’t admit it .
  7. Don’t take anything for granted. Don’t forget about her, always treat her with kindness and always appreciate the fact that she is beside you.
  8. There are two of you in a relationship, don’t expect a second mother who takes care of you like children and who will always and in any case love you unconditionally. She will probably love you forever, but give her a hand, both in the house and as regards you, and for her things and you will see that she will do it even more. It seems that women can do everything and take care of everything by themselves, but you don’t know how tired it is. Give her a hand every now and then.
  9. Eye to detail. You aren’t expected to become a fashion guru and jewelry or nail expert, but if one day you see your partner looking particularly well-groomed or fit, show that you notice it. Notice the details!
  10. Surprise her. Surprise her, you can also vacuum, wash the dishes or take her out to dinner without warning (perhaps before she cooks dinner for you). Don’t worry if she pretends to be upset because “you could have warned me so I could settle down!”, she will appreciate it.

Let us know if it works for you and good luck in this link!

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