Video of Saba Qamar crying during the premiere of ‘Kamli’ goes viral

During the premiere of the upcoming film ‘Kamali’, the video of actress Saba Qamar crying went viral, after which her name started trending on Twitter.

The premiere of ‘Kamali’ was held on May 29 in Karachi, which was attended by filmmakers and other showbiz personalities including the cast.

The film premiere was attended by Mahesh Hayat, filmmaker Rauf Wajahat and his wife Shazia Wajahat, among others.
During the premiere, at the end of the film, other personalities present, including showbiz personalities, praised Saba Qamar’s performance and stood up and applauded her.

After being praised for her performance by showbiz personalities and others present there, Saba Qamar could not control her emotions and she became agitated.
In the videos that went viral on social media, Saba Qamar can be seen crying at the end of the premiere.

After the actress cried, filmmaker Sarmad Khost supported and hugged Saba Qamar, while showbiz personalities praised her, while social media users criticized her actions.
Social media users termed Saba Qamar’s crying as drama while her hugging Sarmad Khost was termed as ‘absurdity’.

Consumers called Saba Qamar's crying a drama

When the actress and the filmmaker hugged each other, people expressed their anger and termed their actions as wrong and at the same time people criticized Saba Qamar’s dress.
Saba Qamar’s film ‘Kamali’ will be released in cinemas on June 3. The cast includes Saba Qamar, Sania Saeed, Umair Rana, Adeel Afzal and Nimrah Bacha among others.

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