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Content offered on this website may be reproduced / obtained free of charge. Should not be Wherever material is published or released to others, the source must be clearly acknowledged. However, retrieval and re-use of this material is not permitted for content that is identified as a copyright of a third party. Permission to retrieve or use such material must be obtained from the relevant person holding the department / copyright.

Privacy Policy

This website does not automatically ask you for details of your personal data (such as name, phone number or address, etc.) which helps us to identify you individually. If you wish to provide us with your personal data, such as name or address, when you visit our website, we will use them only to the extent that your request for information is fulfilled. ۔ In order to use the Internet related to the Prime Minister’s section, this website will require user registration. The information thus obtained is used to facilitate mutual negotiations.

On this site, we do not sell or share any personally identifiable information voluntarily provided to any third party (public / private). Any information provided to this website will be protected from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure and editing or misappropriation.

We collect certain user information, such as Internet Protocol (IP) address, domain name, browser structure, operating system, contact date and time, as well as details of the pages visited. We do not associate these addresses with the addresses of those who visit our website until an attempt to destroy this site has been discovered.

Cookies policy

Cookies are an element of software that the Internet website sends to your browser when you access the information provided on that site. A cookie is a simple text that is stored on your computer device by the website’s server and only that server can retrieve it or read the text or text of that cookie. Cookies effectively help you search across different pages according to your preferences and generally enhance your website experience.

We are using the following structured cookies on our site: –


  1. Analytics cookies work to remember anonymously and addresses on your computer or mobile device when you open our website with browsing patterns in mind.


  1. Service cookies help us to operate our website more efficiently, remember your registration and login details, set preferences and keep track of the pages you visit. ۔


  1. Non-permanent cookies, AKA per. Meeting cookies. Per Meeting cookies help in the process of uninterrupted search through technical purposes such as website. These cookies do not receive personal information about users and are deleted as soon as you close our website. Cookies do not permanently record data and do not accumulate on your computer’s hard drive. These cookies are stored in memory and are only available during active browser sessions. Also, as soon as you close your browser, cookies disappear.

Additionally note that when you visit the sections of, where you are prompted to login or which is customizable, then you Must accept cookies anyway. If you do not accept cookies through your browser, some sections of our website may not function properly.

Hyperlinking Policy

Links or links to external websites / portals

At various places in the website, you will see links or links to other websites / portals. These links are provided for your convenience. The Prime Minister’s Office is not responsible for the content of such linked websites nor does it necessarily endorse the views expressed therein. No one should assume that this website has any kind of endorsement or approval from us just because of the presence of a link on this website or its inclusion in the list. We cannot guarantee that this link will always work and we have no control over the availability of linked destinations / content.

Website links or links to the Prime Minister’s Office provided by other websites / portals

We do not object to your direct contact with the information available on this website and do not require any prior permission. However, we would like you to make sure that you provide us with your own information about any link that is provided on this website, so that you do not make any possible changes or updates to it. Edit notification can be provided

Rules and regulations

This website contains text provided by the Prime Minister’s Office and is designed and presented by the National Informatics Center.

Although every effort has been made to ensure that all text presented on this website is entirely accurate and up-to-date, it should not be assumed that this is a legal issue. Is written and should not be used for any legal purposes. For any ambiguity or clarification, users are advised to verify / verify the text from the Prime Minister’s Office or any other means/sources and se reasonable professional advice.

In no case shall the Office of the Prime Minister, without limitation, impose any indirect or consequential deficit or compensation and any expenses incurred by its use, including deficit or loss, nor the use of statistics. Will not be responsible for costs, losses, or compensation.

These rules and regulations will be considered and enforced in accordance with Indian law. Under these rules and regulations, any dispute that arises may be decided only within the jurisdiction of the courts of India.

The information presented on this website may include items that contain hypertext links or any information that has been created and set up by non-governmental organizations. The Prime Minister’s Office provides all these links and pointers for your information and convenience only. When you link to an external website using a link, you are abandoning the Prime Minister’s Office website and the privacy and security policies of external website owners/sponsors. Act accordingly. The Prime Minister’s Office does not guarantee how long pages available under such a link will be available. The use of copyrighted material available on the relevant website by the Prime Minister’s Office may not be permitted. Users are advised to seek permission from authorized relevant links and website owners in this regard. The Prime Minister’s Office does not guarantee that the relevant website will be bound by the guidelines of the Government of India website in all circumstances.

Regional language policy

Although every effort has been made to ensure that the content presented on this portal in the regional languages ​​is completely accurate, this should not be construed as a legal text or its use is legal. Can be done for purposes. If there is any discrepancy in the regional language text, then you should look at the original English text. If there is a language error, you can report it online in the form of feedback.

NIC is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, usefulness or any other condition of the text. Expenditure, loss, loss, indirect or consequential loss or loss of any kind incurred by the Government or NIC in any case without any limitation to the user of the data available on this portal. There is no liability for loss or damage.


The Prime Minister’s Office website is for informational purposes only. Although every effort has been made to provide accurate and up-to-date information on this website. However, the information providers posted on the website are advised to report any misinformation regarding the accuracy of any information presented on the website to the Prime Minister immediately. Contact the office. If there is any discrepancy between the hard copy of the circular issued by the Prime Minister’s Office and the circular of information and materials presented on the website, then the hard copy itself should be relied upon and the matter should be brought to the notice of the Prime Minister’s Office. Should be brought in.

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