What Are Vapes and How Do They Work?

Those who intend to use vapes innokin to help them give up smoking may feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information they encounter. The vape’s components, while seemingly numerous, are actually quite straightforward. In this vape guide, you’ll learn about the various vape components and how they function.

Vape mods and vape pods are the two most common vaping devices. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. But they share a lot of the same parts.

Tank, Pod System, or Cartomizer

Not all vape boxes come with tanks, so keep that in mind. Some of them, called rebuildable drip atomizers (RDA), are designed for using eliquid nicotine. A brief definition of an Atomizer will follow. The tank on most atomizers is either magnetic or threaded on. If you’re looking for the ideal vape tank, Innokin Store is the place to go.


Drip tips are another name for mouthpieces. Drip tips for tanks typically come in two sizes: 510 and 810. 810 drip tips measure in at 12.5mm in diameter, while 510 drip tips measure in at 8.5mm.

While the size of the drip tip may not matter to everyone, it can make a big difference for you. If you prefer stealth vaping at low wattage, for instance, a 510 drip tip’s concentrated flavour hit is ideal.

Those who enjoy producing a great deal of smoke will benefit greatly from using an 810 drip tip. The larger the diameter, the less resistance there is to airflow, and the more vapour you can inhale.


Having control over the airflow is crucial for a truly personalised experience. Where the air comes in is also a factor in how satisfying your hits will be while vaping. Popularity of top airflow can be attributed to its ability to fix a common issue—leaking—right away. In some cases, the atomizer’s air intake is located on the device’s side.


You can’t have a working vaporizer without an atomizer. It’s the source of all that steam. In most cases, the atomizer will come packaged with the tank.

When you start vaping, it’s helpful to familiarise yourself with the various types of atomizers. For a more comprehensive guide, you can check out the Innokin Blog, which features numerous helpful articles and videos about various atomizers.

Basically, a rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA) is a tank into which you can place a premade atomizer coil. Particularly popular among vapers who prefer to tailor their experience to their preferences. The RTA has a tank to hold the liquid, unlike the RDA which does not.

Innokin’s Ares II RTA Tank is a top-tier rebuildable atomizer (RTA) thanks to its convenient drop-in coil deck, which speeds up the build process compared to a regular RTA. There is also the Innokin Zlide MTL Tank for people who prefer mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapes.

Drip Atomizer That Can Be Refilled (RDA)

As was mentioned before, some vapes do not come with tanks. Some people prefer to apply the liquid directly to the wick of their rebuildable drip atomizer. This is helpful for those who want to avoid dry hits and enjoy controlling the amount of e-juice that reaches the wick.

While this may be the preferred method for some, the vast majority of vapers today use tanks for their liquid.

Adjustable Atomizer

Typically, each vape pod requires its own unique atomizer. With this kit, you can construct coils for a portable vaporizer. Most people who use vape pens also purchase the corresponding vape tanks, so you don’t often see this style of tank. A battery powers all vaping devices. Some vape pods do not have a removable battery, while larger vape box mods have changeable batteries. Many people prefer to have a removable battery so they can charge one while using another.

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