What is a blog and how to create a blog?

create a blog: The word blog is actually an abbreviation of web log, which is a combination of two English words web and log, which are used for websites that keep information in chronological order, which means Whether you create a logbook or diary online or write something by logging into a website through the Internet, this whole process is termed as “blogging” or blogging in the modern term of the Internet. is given

The word weblog was first used by Jorn Barger in 1997, after which the word blog was coined by Peter Merholz in a humorous way by breaking the word “weblog” into we blog. used on and from here again the word “blog” became famous. Now you blog on a website or social media? What topics do you write on? It depends on your preference as the general idea is that a blog can be written on any topic. But most of the bloggers write their blogs usually on social and political topics.

This is why a blog is also called a modern online diary, which bloggers regularly share publicly, so that their emotions, feelings and reactions reach their chosen readers. In the olden days when the internet and social media did not exist, most people used to write their diaries. But the diary often covered the private engagements of the day. It often lacked the expression of one’s feelings on social or political topics, and such diaries usually appeared posthumously, sometimes in book form. Another difference between a personal diary and a blog is that a personal diary is limited to you or a few close friends, while a blog is like an open book to the whole world.

Where you share your thoughts, feelings, experiences and information according to your thoughts and feelings and interact with your readers through internet social media. So if you are not insensitive, have the courage to speak your mind, and can withstand criticism and pressure. So you must convey your thoughts, your feelings, your feelings and information to others. And the best thing for this is blog.

So take courage, come into action, speak your mind through social media, because it is the natural desire of every human being to use the power of expression in a better way. If you can also create a bond with your readers with the help of a blog, then you definitely have the potential to be a good blogger, you just need to use it in the right direction. With the advent of Facebook and other social media forums on social media, it has become very easy to write blogs, publish them, and then check people’s reactions.

Until a couple of years ago, blogs used to consist only of writings, but now blogging is not limited to writing only, but after the emergence of photo blogs, sketch blogs, video blogs, music blogs, audio blogs, its scope is very wide. has become more widespread. You can even say that a good blogger can reflect his whole personality with the unique power of the blog if he wants to. Can express their feelings correctly because there is no one between the reader and the blogger. An editor’s scissors do not cut a blogger’s thoughts and feelings.

As the blogger thinks, so will his blog. Blogging is undoubtedly the most important activity on the Internet today. Millions of people write their own blogs or read other people’s blogs and it continues to spread like a craze across the internet. Thanks to hundreds of blogging tools, this task has become very easy.

Moreover, blogging is getting a massive boost with the use of different devices. Nowadays, blogs and bloggers have become so popular that now they are also becoming a means of earning money. There is hardly any popular blog that you will come across without ads. People are more inclined to read other people’s blogs than to write their own blogs. So sometimes it has been seen that a particular blog on the same site has more visitors than the entire website. Therefore, by placing advertisements on such blogs, their popularity is taken advantage of.

If blogging is reviewed in relation to Urdu language, hundreds of blogs in the Urdu language and related to the Urdu language will be seen attracting people on the Internet, but there is still no comprehensive and definite definition of the word blog in the Urdu language. Definition could not be created.

However, in general we can say that a blog is a type of written expression of personal, emotional, feeling and observations through a website on the Internet, just like a poet expresses his feelings and emotions through his poems. Interprets. This rapid development of blogging has also affected Urdu in a great way.

In the year 2005, many Urdu bloggers started appearing and then thanks to these Urdu bloggers, complete websites of written Urdu appeared on the Internet. There are a large number of Urdu bloggers on the internet today. There are some blogs which are related to Urdu language and literature but they are in English language or in Urdu language in English characters and English script.

Like other languages, Urdu language has also established its place and identity in the world of internet and its scope is gradually increasing. To write a blog in Urdu language, unicode font is used which can be easily accessible on every computer. There are many electronic newspapers and magazines in Urdu language on whose websites one can read and write blogs in Urdu language. It should be noted that it is not necessary to have a website in Urdu language to write a blog in Urdu language. If a website in any language has the facility to write blogs, then blogs can be written in Urdu language using Unicode font on this website.

How to create a blog?

The world of internet is vast. There are hundreds of websites that provide blogging facilities to net users for absolutely free. One of the reasons behind the popularity of blogs is that today blogs can be found on almost every news channel and newspaper and magazine website, even on entertainment, commercial, organizational and educational websites. Generally blogs can be created in two ways. First either you write your blog by registering on a blog hosting website while the second way is to buy your own domain name and web hosting and then install a blogging tool on the website to create your blog. Among the famous blog hosting providers, Google’s blogger (Blogger) or blogspot (Blogspot) is seen at the forefront. Google bought Blogger due to the growing popularity of the blog. Blogger is a very popular service. It provides many free templates for blogs which can be modified according to your needs.if you also want to create your free blog on blogger then visit blogger website link is below:https://www.blogger.com/about/?bpli=1

Apart from this, WordPress (Word Press) is another very popular service and undoubtedly it is considered as one of the most popular blogging services in the world of blogging at the moment. You can transform your site from a blog to a news website or anything else with the help of countless attractive themes and plugins available on WordPress. Like Mobile Type, WordPress also offers two types of blogging options. The biggest strength of WordPress is its flexible structure. WordPress can be easily adapted to every written language in the world. Being an independent source, proper support for its issues is available on the absolutely free WordPress site, where WordPress users from around the world collaborate to resolve your issues within minutes. The WordPress blogging tool built in PHP is a completely open source program that can be easily installed on any website. If you want to build your website blog, WordPress should be your first choice. Being built in PHP, it can be run on both Windows and Linux hosting. If you want to create your blog on WordPress, visit the WordPress website, the link of which is here.https://wordpress.com/create-blog/


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