What is a domain and what is a website?

What is a domain and what is a website?

What is a domain: A domain is a digital address that is used to create a website. That is called a web address. Just as a house has an address so that people and things can reach it, for example: By post, if you want something to reach somewhere, then you need an address there. The address is necessary so that people can visit this website eg: Esabaq.com, Google.com, Gmail.com etc.

In the same way that dotcom (com.) is added to the end, dot-in (in.), dot-pk. . Many companies like GoDaddy.com sell it on an annual basis like 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, etc. After that you can buy it again for as many years as you want. And this cycle continues. And its price varies, service providers charge it according to their service and its features.

How to buy a domain

Choose a small good simple domain (name) and don’t add numbers etc. eg: Islam360.com then it is better. And try to go with a dotcom (com) domain. If not found with dot.com, dot.net (net.), dot.org (org.) If not found, .co info. me. .tech .xyz .in .pk. Can also go with etc. dot-in, dot-pk, etc. This is the country code extension. If you are from India or Pakistan or any other similar country then you can go with your country code domain. Or similarly, if you are focused on a particular country, the country code extension of that country eg: Google.in, Google.pk etc. can also go with the domain.

GoDaddy, Neem Chip, Big Rok, Hostinger etc., many companies provide this service. Among them, GoDaddy’s service is quite good and cheap, and Neem Chip’s service is also cheaper. Most Indians prefer to get domain from goddaddy.

What is a website?

Domain refers to the name of the blog or website, the name by which the website is called or written is called the domain name. For example, you will see that we use Facebook.
Web hosting where your site has to be hosted and live all over the world is the same computer or server, it is called web hosting. You also have to buy it, you can buy it for 1 year.

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