Will Al-Ahly and Zamalek participate in African Super League and Champions together?

Hazem Salahuddin

The Confederation of African Football (CAF), headed by Patrice Motsip, has called for formal approval of the Super League by next year 2023, and a dispute over the club’s participation in the African Champions League and African Super League since its inception. Replied

Petraeus Motsibi has categorically ruled out the possibility of canceling the African Champions League following the announcement of the start of the African Super League, and said in a press conference after a meeting of the executive office yesterday: It will be done with the African Champions League. Super League At the same time, he did not talk about the fate of the Confederations Cup. ”

Clubs participating in the African Super League

The Confederation of African Football has identified the clubs that are eligible to participate in the African Super League, based on their rankings in African club competitions over the past five years, a ranking that Will be released. “K” later.

At the North African level, the participation of Egyptian clubs Ahli, Tunisia’s Spurs, and Morocco’s Raja and Waidad clubs in the first edition of the African Super League will confirm their achievements over the years. Zamalek and the pyramids based on their high ranking in Africa.

According to CAF decisions, the first edition of the African Super League is expected to see the participation of Egypt’s Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Pyramids, which will begin in August 2023, along with their participation in other African Championships. ۔ At the same time if they are officially eligible for them.

Financial prizes in the African Super League

The Confederation of African Football announced in the last hours the start of the first edition of the African Super League in 2023.

Motsebe announced the launch of the African Super League in August 2023, with a رقم 100 million prize money for 24 teams, following a meeting of the executive office on Sunday, with the winner of the tournament receiving مل 10 million. Dollars

The CAF president added that the African Super League would be incorporated into law at the Federation’s regular general assembly in Tanzania on August 10.

African Super League system

The African Super League is a tournament that Motsip has been planning to implement since taking over the presidency of the CAF in March 2021, when he agreed with Swiss Guiani Infantino, president of the International Football Association “FIFA”. What, then, are the obstacles to the European Super League?

The African Super League Championship will see a large number of clubs, as according to “CAF”, there are 24 clubs that will compete for the title of the first edition, and the participating clubs will be divided into 3 groups according to geographical areas. Will be distributed in .

The first group includes North African clubs, including eight clubs that play each other in a two-round league system, with a total of 14 matches, and the same is true for the West and Central African group, and Finally, the region of East and South Africa.

Then the top five clubs in each league go to the Round of 16, with a total of 15 clubs, plus the sixth-best team in the three groups, provided the seventh-ranked club in the three groups and two. The sixth-ranked teams play a one-round playoff and decisive match in the league to stay in the African Super League until next season.

African Super League

While the best teams in the second competition called the CAF Cup a prelude to the next edition of the Super League, it was agreed that those who finished eighth and last in each league in each group would be awarded “CA” next year. Will be shipped in F “Cup. .

After determining the teams for the final price, two home and away matches will be played under the knockout system, where a clash will be held according to the drawing system so that no team from the same geographical area can compete. ۔ Will face it.

This comes at a time when the official position on the final match has not yet been determined, and whether it will be played in the home and away system or the same match in a neutral country, which is decided by the Africans. The union will. later on.

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