World Cup Qualifying Tournament / Tang Wei “Double 10” Chinese team still loses

The Chinese team heading to Australia to participate in the third round of the World Cup Men’s Basketball Asian Qualifying Tournament clashed with the Japanese team yesterday and lost the game by a margin of 49:89. Until “Kai Ho”.

Tang Weiji was a member of the team that won a silver medal at the 2015 Under-16 Asian Youth Championships. ۔ Under-17 World Youth Championship In his first match against the Mainland last week, he shared double digits. Yesterday, he scored a team-high 15 points and 10 rebounds against the Japanese team, and Lin Bingsheng’s 13 points were the only two players on the team to score. Double digits

The performance is eye-catching, but Tang Weji’s hand movements are not as smooth as in the past. A bit like shooting amnesia. The weather is getting stronger. ”

Tang Weiji noted that yesterday’s strategy was clearly “pitting” and its scope was unstable, which made the team’s offense not smooth enough. “The problem is with me. What can I do now?” There are other ways to help the team. Once the game is over, adjust and relax, and fight again. ”

The Chinese team reached the third round of the Asian qualifying round of the World Cup with a twist and turn. Naturalized Artino and Liu Junting were diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia before departure. Lost in a row.

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