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A new way to enjoy the game! Is the Xbox 360 KINECT the next-gen device for you?

There are tons of gaming systems and games. Why should you consider the xBox 360 and the new Kinect ? What will Kinect do for you? Some have claimed it will change your life. will this happen What games are available on Kinect and perform well enough to justify the cost, time, and effort? Is there enough variety for your needs?

This article explains the pros and cons of the xBox 360 and the new Kinect . What can you do with this system and why should you buy a Kinect for you and your family? How well does it work?

Let’s start with a little history of the

Xbox360 . If you go back in your mind and remember that the xBox 360 is Microsoft’s sixth generation of video games. This group of games is known as 128-bit era gaming consoles. The xBox was actually released in November 2001. However , the xBox 360 is the second hera video game console produced by Microsoft (the first was the xBox ). The xBox 360 , which now competes well with Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii and is part of the 7th generation of video game consoles, was the first creative era in November 2005 to introduce HD and 1080p into the gameplay mix.

xBox 360 was officially presented on TV. This announcement came from MTV in 2005 . In more recent times, the xBox 360 was known as the xBox 360 S, but now we call it the xBox 360. was officially released in June 2010. The xBox 360 S (and given their current popularity, I’m pretty sure they will), will it just be the xBox 720. Early rumors were very intriguing.

The second edition of the xBox 360

With 4GB memory was a prelude to the current box. The xBox 360 Elite was released in mid-2010. However, with so many new games being designed and released, Microsoft had to update its hardware.

Isn’t hardware and software always like this? Software is becoming more complex, requiring faster processors, larger computers and capacity. So hardware designers and manufacturers have to fight to catch up. The same goes for game genres. Try playing Halo Reach on your old xBox . It doesn’t happen.

Announcing an extra-large model, a 250GB standalone hard drive for use with the xBox 360 S model, starting at $129.99.

The features of each of these models and their core systems are interesting but beyond the scope of this review. With each progressive model, the amazing features, capabilities and capacities of the device have been enhanced. Microsoft has become one of the giants in the gaming console market and will maintain this position with this system.

Get More Info:

the last holiday season of 2010, the xBox 360 was bundled for better consumer purchasing power, including Halo Reach, Call of Duty Black Ops and other special features, including a wireless remote control and headset.

The online service is called xBox Live

It is a premium service that allows users to play and compete with other online gamers, download purchased content and experience new games by providing playable movies, game trailers and game demos for a short trial period. Allows the user to continue the game. Buy the full game.

I have an Xbox There are also live arcade games, images and dashboard themes. xBox Live empowers people to discover new, undiscovered content. There is a Gold Membership where you can buy Microsoft Points to download avatars and add-ons or add them to your current game. These prepaid cards come in equal increments of 400, 800, 1600, 4000 and 6000 points.

Let’s reveal some interesting details about the negative characteristics of the xBox and xBox 360. This may surprise beginners who believe there are no downsides. But … there is or was.

It looks like the console could have a number of technical issues. Users raised concerns about the older model’s reliability and alarming failure rate. That’s why Microsoft has extended the xBox 360 S warranty to 3 years for hardware failure issues. Users received the dreaded red ring of death and messages announcing general hardware failures.

There is no doubt that Microsoft did not want to incapacitate its customers. Attempted to fix the console to improve stability. After that, the unit was put together much better and inside the unit there is not much movement of the main circuit board (motherboard) during thermal expansion, so the unit now has a better ability to dissipate heat.

of this redesigned xBox 360, the warranty for the newer model does not include an extended 3-year warranty against common hardware failures. What the savvy gaming community is saying is that the xBox 360 is a very reliable machine and previous user complaints and failures have not surfaced.

new xBox 360 is very stable. Overall, I rate the xBox 360 5 stars. This is the current industry standard. You are the leader and other companies are trying to catch up.

We enter the amazing new realm of Kinect

This is an amazing addition to the creative and all-consuming adventure of mind-body games. It is a controller-free input device and greatly improves the entertainment experience on the xBox 360.

First announced in June 2009. Unfortunately it wasn’t released until November 2010. This amazing sensor unit allows users to control and interact with xBox 360 games without the need for a physical game controller. It is similar to the Wii , but the user is not limited to holding and pointing the controller and nunchaku . The amazing Kinect uses body gestures, voice commands, objects and images. It’s the eyes that do magic! Kinect is compatible with all 360 models. The Kinect … joins the new model as a custom ” Kinector ” . Older consoles used USB adapters.

Along with the new games, Kinect is referred to as the New xBox Experience (NXE). With NXE there are many new features that users can build into their game world. There are games with faster loading times and less drive noise from discs loaded on the hard drive. That’s reassuring, but the disc needs to stay in the system to run the game every time you run it.

We also have a nice collection of digitized avatars that you can use for various activities like photo sharing and arcade games.

Xbox 360 and Kinect were so popular that they

Sold out in many stores and major online sites over the Christmas period . Demand has exceeded supply. Now that the Christmas frenzy is over, there’s an opportunity to get discounted rates and plenty of choice and availability.

I looked at retail stores and online stores and put together an updated list of current shipments of all available and announced games. There are always more accessories, but here ‘s a list of the latest games available for the Kinect .

It starts with a fitness game called Your Shape Fitness Evolved. Includes workouts from martial arts classes led by celebrity trainers. The big names working on the Biggest Loser show.

  • World Class Sports, Kinect Sports. Kinect Sports has a bowling alley, a soccer field or an athletics field. Kinect starts the game as a VIP player and can somehow become a controller. Of course, this also includes football, volleyball, table tennis and many other games, as they tell me.

Get your groove on with Dance Central ™. Exclusive to Kinect, it’s fun, social and the first true dance gaming experience for everyone!

  • A very cute and well-known game is Kinectimals . This is great fun for kids of all ages. You can play with animals on the xBox 360 screen. TV commercials show irresistible tigers. I thought there were more animals, but the furry tiger seems to be able to do everything. great . A Bengal tiger cub will liven up your dreams of a trip to the circus or zoo. With Kinect , a furry tiger can be your best friend. Now pets are not needed after all.
  • Listen to this. For the truly ultimate experience, grab the Limited Edition Kinectimals Bundle featuring the King Cheetah Plush. It’s the total package.
  • Motion Sports, Play for Real looks like a game that moves while performing sports moves. Great aerobic workout. There are sports as diverse as they say, you can whiz down the slopes of a Super -G slalom, amazing penalty shootouts, duck-and-run for a game-winning touchdown, or beat the champion. “I don’t know but I think it’s a really exciting workout.
  • Kinect Joyride is a car ride, but it’s a joyride, not a “stolen” car. Kinect Joy Ride is the first controllerless racing game that combines full body control and wildcart racing and is only available on Kinect for Xbox 360.
  • Sonic Free Riders is more action. There’s speed and finish line. It uses your entire body to control various hoverboards and bikes. This may not be easy to choose to play and become a hero. Connect family and friends in multiplayer mode. Each racer can have their own rules.
  • And the game we should all pick up is the ultimate Biggest Loser style workout. You train with Bob and Jillian, the best sports coaches of all time. Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout maximizes your healthy eating. It contains 50 new and healthy recipes. You can also track your calorie intake. This “game” is real and even offers real-time feedback so you can see results immediately.
  • Can you dance? you will! dance master allows you to dance without restricting your movement and freedom. Different modes: Dance mode, Lesson mode, Status mode, Xbox Live. There is also downloadable content. The next step is Dancing with the Stars for you!.
  • Zumba Fitness Kinect . Everyone loves Zumba ! This game is for up to 4 players. Families or online players compete for the highest group or individual athletic score in Zumba Attack ! Action, dance and lots of fun.
  • EA Sports, Active 2.0. You are in the game! Build muscle and track your heart rate. It seems like you have unlimited custom training options with 70+ games.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. Wands and Real Magic! You are given an arsenal of powerful spells to defeat enemies against the Death Eaters and all the great Harry Potter proxies. Fight off Voldemort ‘s Death Eaters, Usurpers, and Dementors .
  • Deca Sports Freedom. It contains 10 practice games. You can also play tennis, swing a string and then play. 10 disciplines: tennis, boxing, archery, paintball, beach volleyball, dodgeball , kendo , moguls, snowboard cross and figure skating. They really pack it.
  • Game party: movement. This is a family friendly collection of 16 arcade games. There are more than a dozen on the list, including darts, hoop shots, root beer tappers, and table hockey . Multiplayer action and online support available, up to 16 players. Design and use Avatar and Facebook cross-functionality . Now it really covers all the bases.
  • Fighters Uncaged looks like a fighting adventure and the cover art is really good. You can improve your fighters. Games and Kinect You can use your fists, knees, legs, elbows and even your head. Get this mangy opponent!
  • Next up is Adrenaline Misfits. This is for single player or two players. The race includes 7 fantasy worlds and 7 monsters to defeat. Soon to be conquered routes include snow mountains , stormy deserts, glaciers, limestone caves and volcanoes. This also connects to xBox live .
  • And another thing called Eden’s Child. The combination of graphics and sound stimulates the senses. It’s a physical, sensual experience.
  • A Star Wars Kinect is listed but will not be published for a year.
  • Brunswick Pro Bowling, bowling for everyone, but kids have the opportunity to compete with the pros.
  • Experience with Michael Jackson. Join us and be one of the stars in your very own Michael Jackson video. When “Thriller” is included, that looks great! Dancers and Michael’s Dance School will take your performance to the next level. For beginners and experienced players.

Game prices range from around $34 to others around $60. And for $40, there’s also a Kinect mount that places the sensor in just the right spot.

So far I’m reviewing the Kinect and the game. The public experience is still new, and with the Kinect having been on sale for less than two months, the entire system, along with the games that come with it, is still brand new and shiny.

However, this reviewer and others in the industry believe it is a new paradigm for gaming and indoor exercise and will shape the future of the industry. Kinect is changing the industry.

Xbox 360 and Kinect are currently in stock at Amazon and several other retailers

There are also some very cool bundles where you can buy the xBox 360 and Kinect as well as other hardware and games. It’s so nice to get it as a set. That saves money in the long run. Even in the short term. Kinect also offers very good discounts.

My gaming buddy James is still obsessed with his xBox 360 and a pro gamer. James says his xBox 360 experience and many of the games he’s played make the new 250GB Xbox 360 faster than any other system he’s tried. The graphics got better and he found a more advanced body level.

I asked him, “James, are you ready to go back to another Pharaoh gaming system?” He replied, “Probably the PS3,” as he believes it’s a close competitor.

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